PiecePillsbury Grandpopper
Description5" soft vinyl
CompanyPillsbury Co.

Poppin' Fresh, the all-white dough-boy with a big smile and a baker's hat, became the symbol for Pillsbury in the 1960's. About 10 years later, his friend Poppie was introduced, and the pair became extremely popular. Just two years later, the Fresh Family was enlarged again, with the addition of Granmommer and Granpopper. These figures were sold in the J.C. Penney's catalog for $2.97 each in 1974. In the 1975 Penney's catalog, the entire family was featured, along with a 17-inch, three-story playhouse that doubled as a carrying case.

Granpopper is a grown-up version of Poppin Fresh. He's a dapper old gentleman in his vest and bowtie and fashionable pince-nez spectacles sitting atop his big brush mustache.

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