PiecePoppie Fresh
Description6.5" soft vinyl
CompanyPillsbury Co.

This Poppie Fresh doll is from 1973, and is dressed in all white. She is as pretty as a picture in her best white sunbonnet, with her shy, smiling face and blue eyes. The blue Pillsbury dot appears on the pocket of her ruffled apron, and she's standing on a plastic base that says "Poppie Fresh."

Poppie and Poppin' Fresh, the delightful dough duo, first became an item in the early 1970's when they were seen together in public for the first time. They were also the first Pillsbury dolls to be made completely of vinyl. They made such a cute couple that their appeal has never waned, and in 1990 Pillsbury offered them again, to the next generation.

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